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Sensing Beam:   Ultrasonic
Max Measurement Range:   >1 m – <=20 m
Power:   DC
Cable Length (m):   2
PC Configurable:   No
Sensing Mode (General):   Proximity
Sensing Mode (Detailed):   Time of Flight
Housing Style:   Barrel
Device Type:   Sensor
Primary Housing Material:   PBT
Input/Output:   Analog & Discrete
Indicator:   LED(s)
Connection:   Flying Leads
Analog Output Configuration:   4-20 mA
Quick Disconnect Type:   No QD
Analog Resolution/Discrete Repeatability:   +/- 0.25% of measured distance (1.0 min)
Max Sensing Distance (mm):   2000
Minimum Sensing Distance (mm):   300
Power Supply:   12-24 V dc
Adjustments:   Teach Button
Temperature Effect (mm/°C):   0.2% of sensing distance/°C
Number of Pins:   5
Vibration:   MIL-STD-202F req. Method 201A (vibration:10 to 60Hz max., double amplitude 0.06″, max acc. 10G).
Mechanical Shock:   IEC 60947-5-2 requirements: 30G 11 ms duration, half sine wave
Output Saturation Voltage PNP Outputs:   < 1.0 V at 10 mA ; < 1.5 V at 100 mA
Analog Current Output Rating:   1 Ω to [(Vcc-7 V)/0.02 A] Ω
Max Discrete (Switched) Output (mA):   100
Discrete (Switched) Outputs:   1 PNP
Output Protection:   Protected against false pulse on power-up and continuous overload or short-circuit of outputs
IP Rating:   IP67
NEMA Rating:   NEMA 6P
Max Operating Temperature (°C):   70
Min Operating Temperature (°C):   -20
Max Op. Relative Humidity Non-Condensing (%):   100
Warm-up Time (minutes):   15
Minimum Response Time (ms):   96
Analog Linearity (mm):   +/- 0.5% of full-scale span
Barrel Diameter (mm):   30
Minimum Window Size (mm):   10
Remote Teach and Laser Control Input Impedence:   55 kΩ
Discrete Output Hysteresis (mm):   2.5
Ultrasonic Frequency (kHz):   128
Max Off-state Leakage Current (µA):   10
Power/Current Consumption (exclusive of load):   90 mA
Supply Protection Circuitry:   Protected against reverse polarity and transient overvoltages
Feature: Remote Teach:   Yes
Feature: Clear Object Detection:   Yes
Feature: Timing (Hold/Delay):   No
Feature: Chemical Resistant:   No
Feature: Quick Disconnect:   No
Application: Ultrasonic:   Yes
Common Ethernet Protocol:   No
IO Link:   No
RS-232:   No
RS-422:   No
RS-485:   No
SSI:   No
Wireless:   No
1-wire Serial Interface:   No
Profibus:   No
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