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The switch has the ability to operate both manually and automatically.

When it is switched to “manual” position; the switch accepts the intervention only with the crown on it, it does not respond to any external signal or control.

When it is switched to “automatic”, the switch provides the transition based on the signals coming from the network or generator. Even if the mains and the generator are active at the same time, the switch always switches to the mains position.

For coil connections;

Group A (network); Includes AR – Phase, AN – Neutral connection.

Group B (generator); Includes BR – Phase, BN – Neutral connection.

For both sides auxiliary contact, “C” is used as common end, “ON” as open contact, “OFF” as closed contact.

Power contacts are silver and volfram plated on copper. Since silver is a soft material, it is hardened by coating with micron grade volfram. The switch has 50kA short circuit capacity. In the event of a possible arc, the arc formed in the contacts is thrown out of the switch with the arc extinguishing cells it has.

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